Microsoft Word

Word Foundation

If you are new to Word or if you are self-taught and have gaps in your knowledge, this class is for you. You may have used Word for years and are still finding your way around, completing your documents hit or miss. Especially if you are transitioning to version 2007, you will be able to regain your bearings on where feature are located. This foundation class teaches creating and formatting documents with selection techniques and navigation techniques. Shortcuts are included for those with prior Word experience throughout the class. Setting tabs and tables and managing headers and footers with automatic page numbering are "must know" features. Importing and formatting Excel data and graphics will be covered. Document set up, Autocorrect, Printing and Proofing are filled with details that will be clarified.

Word Intermediate

Class begins with a warm-up of shortcuts review for selection, navigation, and formatting techniques. In-depth formatting of paragraphs, indenting, spacing, bullets and numbering, along with the use of style sheets is taught. Charting from a Word table and using the Excel table feature within Word is covered. (No need to struggle with calculations in a Word table any longer!) Heavy-duty headers and footers with Section breaks will be worked through from several directions. Learn how to manage Quick Parts, Watermarks, and Graphics.

Word Advanced

There is more to Mail Merge than meets the eye! Learn to use this feature to create directories and other handy applications! Those who create large documents will love automatic Table of Contents and Indexing, Footnotes and Endnotes, Bookmarks and Cross-references. And those who share documents will master tracking changes made in revisions and comparing and merging versions. Once you have created your masterpiece, save it as a template to use repeatedly without changing the original accidentally. Capture sets of commands with macros that will run automatically. So many features, and so little time!



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