Excel Webinars
E-1 Excel Foundation
E-2 Using Excel FormulasLearn the most commonly used formulas in Excel and how to use them accurately.
E-3 Excel PivotTables and PivotChartsIncrease the readability of your spreadsheet with dynamic pivottables and charts. Mix and match headings to view information in various combinations. This is "Needs to Know" session for every business person! 
E-4 Charting with Microsoft ExcelA picture is worth a thousand words/numbers! Make charts that are understandable and that tell the true story!
E-5 Excel Updates - 2007 / 2010 / 2013Use an organized approach to working through the new interface and how to optimize the Quick Access Toolbar. Learn what the Office Button holds in store for you and the special screen features that are waiting to be discovered. Conditional Formats, Ins and Outs of Tables, Removing Duplicates, Sorting and Filtering, Enhanced Charts, Pivot Tables/PivotCharts, Flash Fill are topics that will also be covered.
E-7 Excel Tips & Tricks, 2007 / 2010 / 2013You know what you are doing in Excel, but do you know the most efficient methods to complete your work quickly and accurately?
E-9 Discover How Excel’s Database Features Can Work for YouThe focus of this session is numeric list management. A few simple set up steps will give you answers to the question, “What are my numbers telling me?”
OF-1 Office 2007/2010/2013 Updates - What's New?Use an organized approach to working through the new interface. Learn how to customize not only the Quick Access Toolbar but the Ribbon, too!. What does the Backstage View holds in store for you? Special screen features are waiting to be discovered. The main update features of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint will be presented. Call to schedule.

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